The Stop Global Warming Project

                The Stop Global Warming Project, in collaboration between Toyota Motor Thailand and the Thailand Environment Institute, initiated in 2004, has worked with schools and municipalities across the country. As cities are a large part of GHG emissions which account for about 75 percent of the world emissions.
                Local governments and schools are crucial in educating citizens about climate change. Providing incentives and remove barriers to actions that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change. Local governments and schools should lead in activities that are helping to reduce their own and their school’s greenhouse gas emission. It is only a small step, but importantly, to incorporate discussion of climate change into these curricular areas and activities.

                To date, the project has worked with 248 schools and 194 municipalities and 100 communities in 77 provinces across the country. During the past 10 years, the implementation of the project results in greenhouse gas emissions reduction for more than 14,672 metric tones. The continuing of the project will respond to the climate concerned of government sector, local governments and public
                Moreover, the Stop Global Warming project has established the Global Warming Learning Center in the region, which are

  1. Tungsong -Global Warming Learning Center located in Amphoe Tungsong, Nakorn Sri Thammarat
  2. Umong -Global Warming Learning Center located in Amphoe Muang, Lamphun
  3. Muangklang - Global Warming Learning Center located in Amphoe Klang, Rayong
  • To encourage schools, communities and local governments to initiate local action to reduce emissions in their cities and schools.
  • To build up and strengthen capacity of local authorities to be a center to disseminate information on global warming and undertake measures to help mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • To create network of “Stop Global Warming Core Team” to promote activities under the project.
  • To disseminate good practices of local initiatives on energy conserving and reduce GHG emissions at the local level.

Our Activities

                The project emphasis on the 4 main themes which are

  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Waste Minimization
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Urban Greening
  • The participating cities and schools understand about human impacts that cause climate change and global warming. In addition, the participating cities and schools have their concrete measures to reduce GHG emissions.
  • The participating cities and schools can be good examples for other cities and schools to learn about the climate-related action plan and can influence others to take action that helping reduce GHG emissions.
  • The participating cities and schools can improve their local environment in the
    long term.